A proven approach to treating schizophrenia

LB-102 is a novel treatment based upon 20+ years of benzamide usage in Europe, with activity unlike any antipsychotic currently available in the USA

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Leading Research

LB Pharma is leading research in the field working to provide life-changing advances to patients with schizophrenia based upon proven science and existing approaches to treating psychiatric illnesses.

Focused on Innovation

LB Pharma has changed the chemical structure of amisulpride, creating a novel asset that could improve its efficacy and/or safety. LB-102 could be the 1st benzamide approved in the US to treat schizophrenia

Strong Development

If approved by the FDA, LB-102 would be the first benzamide atypical approved for the US psychiatry market. We’re on track for strong growth.

Our Promise

Commitment to our patients

We are dedicated to bringing LB-102 to the US market to help treat patients suffering from schizophrenia that are not responding well to existing medication(s).

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LB-102 is backed by years of hard science studying treatment of schizophrenia

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Our company is staffed by the best and brightest minds in the life sciences industry.

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LB Pharma’s leading innovation

LB Pharma's lead asset and the foundation of the company's growth is LB-102, N-Methyl amisulpride. If approved by the FDA, LB-102 would be the first benzamide atypical approved to treat schizophrenia for the US market. We are also developing other US-market focused versions of life-saving drugs to treat CNS disorders that are available overseas but currently not approved by the FDA for marketing in the US.


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